Monday, February 15, 2010


Several times a year I sit down with a big stack of thank you notes and the contracts of our guests since I last sent out notes. I've printed a selection of notes, each having one of the cottages pictured on the front and our contact info inside. To help with this process, I read the journal entries left by our guests so I can make each note more personal regarding anything they may have written about during their stay. As much as this sounds like a huge chore, once I start, it becomes an enjoyable process to pass the time in the evenings when tv viewing is rather boring. I love to read about the activities and impressions of our guests and, someday, I'll write more about this. Snail mail thank you notes are not so common today, so I hope that our past guests will be pleasantly surprised to hear from me and really know how very much we appreciate their choosing to stay in our Cottages in the Clouds.

Snow on the Mountain

The weather this year has brought much more snow than usual in our part of the country. Up here on Lookout Mountain we've had several snows of three inches or deeper in the last several weeks. Although the winter months are slower than the rest of the year, we've had guests during each of these winter weather events. Fortunately, the county does a great job at clearing the main roads up here on the mountain , so there haven't been any travel problems for our visitors If you're interested in coming here during the winter months, you can be pretty sure that you shouldn't have a problems getting around up here or going down into the Chattanooga area. Come on up and enjoy the toasty fireplace, the bubbling hot tub and the beauty of the mountain in the winter season.

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