Sunday, April 19, 2009

Power Outage- No problem

The huge storm that came across the mountain last week caused a large number of trees to fall, some across the power lines over on the west brow. The resulting power outage at our cottages lasted several days. Fortunately only one cottage was occupied at the time, but we had to find a place for our guests. Good thing we have a barn. But its not just any barn. Nice living quarters above our stables. It was really a treat to get to meet and even spend time with our visitors. I even took the parents, Ernie, 84, and Marcy, 80, down to our creek on our golf cart. Several bought some of my pottery (see and they all agreed that the power outage had been a happy turn of events. They stayed on the rest of their week long visit in our barn rather than going back to the cottages.